Java 8 Lambda in details part IV : Multiple inheritance resolution for defender methods

In this post we’ll look at conflict resolution rules for multiple inheritance introduced along with defender methods in JDK 8.

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Java 8 Lambda in details part III : Method and constructor referencing

In this third post dedicated to Java 8 Lambda expressions, we’ll look at the new :: operator introduced to allow method and constructor referencing.
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Java 8 Lambda in details part II : Scoping of “this” and “effectively final” variable semantic

In this second post, we’ll look at the scoping of the this keyword inside a lambda expression and the semantic of the so called “effectively final” local variables.
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Java 8 Lambda in details part I : Closure and Mutability

This article is the first one of a serie dedicated to Java 8 Lambda expressions. The purpose is not to introduce the main concepts of lambda expressions, many blogs over there do it very well. The idea is to
shed some light on tricky details and side effects. If you’re not familiar with the new lambda-related features in Java 8, I strongly advise to look at the following article

Today we’ll look at the mutability issue when dealing with closures.

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Design Pattern: the Pipeline

Today we’ll have a look into the Pipeline pattern, a design pattern inspired from the original Chain of Responsibility pattern by the GoF

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Variable shadowing

Today we’ll look into a rare feature of Java: variable shadowing

First, let’s define what is a shadowed field or method:

A field is considered shadowed when

  • a subclass of its declaring class declares a field with the same name and same
  • a variable having the same name and type is declared in the local scope
  • a method argument/parameter is declared with a same name and type

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Apache Cassandra tricks and traps

This post is a start of a new topic on NoSQL/Big Data

Today I will give some tricks I found out with Apache Cassandra during my work on Tatami and point out some gotchas to avoid.

Those who are not familiar with the Cassandra data model, you can have a look there:

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