GWT JSON integration with Spring MVC

In the previous post, I’ve presented GWT RPC integration with Spring. In this post we’ll see how we can achieve JSON backend service integration between GWT and Spring MVC. We’ll re-use the same StockWatcher application and change the RPC communication into JSON requests.

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Spring MVC part V: Exception handling

Today we’ll dig into the exception handling mechanism of Spring MVC 3.1

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Spring Security part VI : Session Timeout handling for Ajax calls

Recently when developing the Tatami application for the Twitter-like contest, I faced an annoying issue: how to detect an user session timeout when an Ajax request is triggered from the browser ?

If you’re not familiar yet with Spring Security, you can check my previous articles on this framework.

In this article we’ll see a solution based on Spring Security filter. For those who don’t use Spring Security I’ll show another approach with servlet filter.

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Spring MVC part IV: ThymeLeaf advanced usage

This post follows on from the previous post on Thymeleaf integration with Spring MVC.

Today we’ll look at some advanced features of Thymeleaf

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Spring MVC part III: ThymeLeaf integration

Today we are going to look into Thymeleaf, a very innovative and full HTML5-oriented templating engine.

Thymeleaf, by definition, can be used as a standalone engine but when associated with Spring MVC, it gives the best of its essence.

Once you start using Thymeleaf, it’s very hard to go back to the good old JSP. JSP is good, JSP served us well during a decade but now we’re in 2012 and HTML 5 is the future so it’s time to look ahead.
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Spring MVC part II : @RequestMapping internals

This post follows upon the Spring MVC part I : Request Handling topic.

In this post we discuss in details how Spring handles the @RequestMapping annotation set on handler methods.

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Spring MVC part I: Request Handling

Recently I changed my view technology from JSF to Spring MVC. I used the latest release (3.1.RELEASE) of the framework and there are some significant changes compared to the older 2.5.x versions

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