JPA/Hibernate Conversational States Caveats

This article follow on from JPA/Hibernate Global Conversation and JPA/Hibernate Tempoorary Conversations.

We discuss here about the commons issues encountered when using the conversational states design.

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JPA/Hibernate Temporary Conversations with Spring AOP

Today we discuss about temporary conversations in JPA, their usage, all usage warnings and a sample implementation using Spring AOP

This article follows upon a previous one about global long conversation : JPA/Hibernate Long session

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JPA/Hibernate Global Conversation with Spring AOP

The previous 2 articles were dedicated to the analysis of Spring @Transactional and @PersistenceContext internals.

In this article we will discuss about the JPA extended persistence context (Hibernate long session) pattern.  We’ll look at the pros and cosn and finally I will show a practical implementation using the TransactionSynchronizationManager class shown earlier in both articles
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Spring @PersistenceContext/@PersistenceUnit explained

This is the 2nd article of a serie on Spring code analysis.

Today we are going to dig into the @PersistenceContext annotation, widely used by JPA/Hibernate developers to inject an Entity Manager into their DAO classes.

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